Q. How many bars are required for each location?
A. The Gorilla Guard Ladder Cage enclosure is packaged in kits of 5 bars. The vast majority of locations will require 5 bars/location. Some configurations will require fewer or more bars. The average bars/location will be 5.

Q. Will the Gorilla Guard extensions corrode?
A. No. The extensions are hot dipped galvanized to ASTM A123 specifications.

Q. Are locknuts provided with the kits?
A. No. Galvanized locknuts are not commercially available. The patented clamps used in the Gorilla Guard enclosure kits do not require locknuts or lock washers.

Q. Can extensions be custom fabricated, then welded or bolted and meet OSHA requirements?
A. Yes. Welding, drilling and bolting are acceptable means of retrofit, however the installed cost of welding or drilling will be 2 to 3 times greater than the Gorilla Guard Ladder Cage Enclosure.

Q. What is included in the kit?
A. A complete 5 bar kit is packaged in a 6” x 6” x 32” box (67 lbs). All nuts, bolts and hardware are included. A 9/16” wrench is required for installation.

Q. What information do we need to collect in our survey?
A. A survey can be completed very quickly. Each location that is less than 4’ from the center of rungs to the edge of the handrail, or if the side clearance from center of ladder rungs to edge of handrail is 3’ or less, the cage must be retrofitted. The only additional information for ordering is the type of handrail, angle iron or other. Kit # Std-1 fits all angle applications, and kit #Pt-1 fits all other configurations.

Q. How long does it take to install the Gorilla Guard Ladder Cage Enclosure kit?
A. The kit can be installed in about 20 minutes. The total installation time including warehousing, staging, and installation will be about 2 man hours.

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